Are you Ovulating!?

I literally had no idea what ovulation was before I started trying to conceive!

Can I be real with you?! I had no idea what went on in my body during my menstrual cycle until I began trying to conceive (TTC)! Did you know there is only a small window of time every month that you can actually get pregnant and even during that window of time there is still only about 15-25% chance of getting pregnant each cycle!? Sadly, almost 50% of women do not know what ovulation is or even when they ovulate! Wow!

During our ten year journey to conceive, I did more research than I did in my academic career just trying to get pregnant! I learned about tracking ovulation and the importance of looking for signs that I am about to ovulate! For many couples, having a baby takes more than just “practice!” Conceiving a baby can become a daunting and discouraging task which brings disappointment month after month. I remember each month when Aunt Flo (AF) came, I was devastated. There were so many cycles when I just “knew” I was pregnant because I felt I had done everything right. When AF reared her ugly head, there were some months when I would just sit on the bathroom floor and cry! “This is so unfair, why can’t I just get pregnant?!” I would say to myself!

My cycle tracked by the Mira Fertility Tracker for the month of January

After our infertility diagnosis in 2010, Tim and I started seeing a fertility specialist in hopes of getting pregnant! We had already been married two years and we could not wait to grow our family! After doing tons of research online, I learned about using ovulation predictor kits (OPK) in an effort to pinpoint ovulation and increase chances of getting pregnant! Each month I would pee on those stupid sticks and squint my eyes to see if there was indeed a second line. I even splurged some months and bought the fancy tests that give the circle or smiley face to indicate ovulation. I would sit and wait (im)patiently to see that smiley face stare back at me indicating that I needed to feel a little more flirty when Tim came around (wink, wink)! Aside from using OPK’s, I had downloaded an app to keep track of my fertile days and I had began to pinpoint my “fertile window.”

I love how small and futuristic the Mira is!

Tracking ovulation, intercourse, cervical mucus, cervix position, and basal body temperature may all sound like a foreign language, but the Mira hormone tracker makes all of these things so much simpler! Even better, it takes the guesswork out of trying to figure out your fertile window. I did a review of the Mira Fertility Tracker on my YouTube channel and I was impressed with the futuristic look and sleek design! I absolutely love how it syncs to an app on your phone and keeps track of all of your data in an easy to understand format! The Mira is so much easier to use than the traditional OPK’s that give you a smiley face or faint lines which leave you wondering if that actually means you are ovulating or not! Mira gives you a result of either None (N), Low (L), Medium(M), or High (H) depending on the amount of Luteinizing Hormone (LH) is in your urine and assigns at score for each day so you know exactly when your peak ovulation will be! This is important so you know exactly when to have sex in order to increase your chances of conceiving – bow chicka wow wow (haha!)

Mira assigns a score everyday from 1-10 to let you know your most fertile days!

If you are on a journey to conceive, have PCOS or irregular periods, then I know the Mira tracker will add value to your life! The fertility tracker will help you pinpoint your fertile days so that you have the best chances of getting pregnant each cycle! You can buy your Mira here and use my code FRUITFUL for $25 off! Since I am in no way a fertility specialist, you can check out the Mira website and this article for a more detailed explanation of ovulation! Get it girl!

Photo courtesy of Mira

“Each woman is born with millions of immature eggs that are awaiting ovulation to begin.”

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