Hey, it’s me, Candace!

Hi – I’m Candace, and after battling infertility for 10 years, I finally became a mom to Victory in 2018!

Infertility sucks, right?! Not only does it suck to watch everyone around you get pregnant (you’re happy for them, but sad for yourself) you also have to deal with people’s insensitive comments *insert side eye emoji here. My 10 year journey through infertility was filled with many highs and lows from a varicocelectomy surgery to a myomectory surgery to remove 13 fibroids. I tried everything to have a baby, even some things I am too embarrassed to admit! Between all of the surgeries, supplements, ovulation tests, pregnancy tests, and fertility treatments, I spent well over $100,000 for the chance to become a mom!

The best views come after the hardest climb

I experienced two failed Intrauterine Insemination (IUI’s) and a failed In Vitro fertilization (IVF) cycle. I had seen so many negative pregnancy tests during my journey that I literally started to believe that there was no such thing as a “second line.” Even after 10 years of marriage and still no baby, I refused to give up! In 2018, I gave birth to my daughter, Victory, after a successful IVF cycle! She is worth every shot, every tear, and every month of heartache I endured!

I’m learning how God can turn our pain into purpose and in 2017 I stepped out on faith and became one of very few women of color to start an infertility-based YouTube channel which hit over 1 million views!! The idea for My Fruitful Journey was birthed when I searched online for information regarding infertility, but found very few resources, especially for the minority community! Although millions of individuals struggle with trying to conceive, there is only a small percentage of couples who feel comfortable speaking openly about their battle. I suffered in silence for many years before I found the courage to share my journey on my YouTube channel, Fruitful. In 2019, I birthed another “baby” – My Fruitful Journey, a business focused on supporting women through infertility and loss. I have been blessed with so many amazing opportunities to share my fertility story with the world on larger platforms such as Good Morning America, 9 Months with Courteney Cox, POPSUGAR, and Pampers. I know this is just the beginning for me.

In 2020, I began to focus heavily on my mental health which led me to make some very tough decisions in order to seek out a life of true and authentic happiness. Now, at the age of 37, I find myself in a place I never thought I’d be – a divorced, single mom trying to make my mark on the world. I began sharing my journey’s openly and transparently – my IVF and loss journey, my journey through divorce and healing, and my journey to manifest all of the good things I want my life to be filled with. Aside from all of those things, I am a SophisticAKAted Soror of Alpha Kappa Alpha, Inc, I am a true foodie, I love to travel, and chocolate is life!

I have also been given the opportunity to share my story on Good Morning America and Facebook Watch’s original docuseries, 9 Months with Courteney Cox. I was also blessed with the opportunity for Victory and I to be featured on a Pampers/PopSugar ad!

Me and my girl!

The journey to grow your family may not come easy to many, but never give up hope! I am so glad that even after 10 years, I did not stop fighting for my Victory. Even if you are in the in the midst of your journey and cannot see the light at the end of the tunnel, don’t quit! Your struggle will all be worth it in the end, I promise!

My Sweet Victory!

“I think the desire to be a mom and the dire need to have a family was greater than anything else. It pushed me to keep trying, and when one avenue failed, we tried another one.”